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South Dakota trip journal

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We just got back from a very fun trip to South Dakota.  My 7 yo son kept a trip journal, which I thought I would share here.  I am typing it exactly as he wrote it, except for fixing a few capital letters.  I’ll share my journal (with pictures) next. 

"Special day (trip) journal"
Today we drove from Ill. to South Dakota.  And stayed at a hotel and ate at McDonalds.  And saw a sherrif.  I saw the Mississippi River and huge rock hills.

Today I saw the Big Sioux River and the St. Joseph Cathedral.  And saw the Falls Park.  And ate at my 4th cousins house.  And went to the Family Aquatic Center and went on my first water slide on a float.

Today we went from Brandon to DeSmet.  We saw the Laura Ingalls Wilder things.  We ate at Pizza Ranch and drove up grass hills.  And saw the Missouri River.

Today we drove from Pierre to Rapid City.  On the way we saw part of the Badlands.  We saw statues of the Presidents.  And went to the Bear Country USA.  We also went too Mt. Rushmore.  And stayed at a cabin called the Eagle’s Nest.

Today I went hiking with my dad.  And went to the Crazy Horse Memorial.  And Custer State Park.  We saw some deer.  And went to the Circle B Chuckwagon dinner and show.  There I got to shoot a real pistol but wax bullets.  And shot the target.

Today I went to a place called Story Book Island.  And went to a fish place. 

Today we went to the Rushmore Cave.  Mom bougt me and J flashlights for it.  There was a room that had carvings of things.  She said that if you were a Republican or a Democrat she showd us carvings of a elephant and a donky.  And stayed at a cabin in the Badlands.

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  2. jabbabean says:

    Tell B I really enoyed his journal! I now know how your trip went and it sounds like it was fun. Tiring, I know, but fun.

    We've done trip notebooks before with the older two. We bought postcards from each stop to tape on each page as they wrote and drew.

    Looking forward to seeing you Friday!


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