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Study About Easter With Art

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Easter Art Project with See the Light

DVD (150 mins), the CD of Music from the DVD The Crossmaker, featuring 11 tracks plus 2 bonus audio stories.You not only get the complete story of “The Crossmaker”, but also the story of “Jesus Loves The Children”. This is such a wonderful way to help your kids learn about Easter with art!

Also included in The Crossmaker ULTIMATE GIFT SET is a pocket Size – 6 inch See the Light Black Light (batteries included), eXtreme Colored Pencils, and Fluorescent Chalk. My kids love doing the fluorescent “secret” parts of the drawings and art and then seeing them come to life in the black light!

With this set you not only enjoy drawing the pictures with the “POP” of the black light, but you’ll revel in the wonderful music from “The Crossmaker” CD and be able to listen to the Radio Theater Bible stories whether in your home or on the road!

The Crossmaker ULTIMATE GIFT SET is on sale for just $25 with free shipping through March 20. Use coupon code: EASTER. Important: Put in your shipping info first, or it won’t accept the coupon code. 🙂

We haven’t had the opportunity to do Crossmaker, but have done 2 others in the series. See those reviews–with pictures!–here:

Shipwrecked and God’s Runaway.

See the Light Shipwrecked 004

See the Light Shipwrecked 027

See the Light Shipwrecked 024

See the Light Shine 009

See the Light 2 009

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  2. I cannot get the “EASTER” code to work.

      1. I tried again this morning and it worked. Thanks!

  3. I just tried to purchase the set and they said the Promo Code is not valid.:-(

    1. You have to put in your shipping info first and then it will work! 🙂 I made the same mistake.

      Also, make sure you are purchasing the Ultimate set (regular price $34.99).

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