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Studying Ancient Rome or Famous Inventors? Do it with Online Unit Studies!

Online courses are increasingly becoming a great way to learn. I’ve been personally using them to learn many different things myself. And, I’m so excited that there are so many choices for my kids as well. If you’re studying Ancient Rome or Inventors this year, keep reading!

Ancient Rome Online Unit Study

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One of the best online course sites, Online Unit Studies has two amazing courses: Famous Inventors and Ancient Rome.

Spring is in the air and if things are the same in your home as mine, you may have the homeschool itch to mix things up a little. Or maybe you’re already starting to think about next year and want to try something new!

Why Use Online Unit Studies?

Online Unit Studies are a great way to breathe new life into your homeschool routine. These Internet-based courses are fun for your kids but require hardly any prep from you.

You don’t need to invest in lots of books and extra supplies. And you won’t accumulate much stuff because all learning happens online.

  • Easy prep for busy moms. Just click and learn
  • Can be done as a family and adjusted for learning styles
  • Kids will learn to use digital tools
  • Option to combine digital and hands-on projects
  • No need to purchase extra books
  • Little writing, lots of videos = great alternative for children with learning challenges

My Favorite Online Unit Studies

One of my favorite Online Unit Studies is Famous Artists Volume 1. It’s just like the other Online Unit Studies in that you use the course to learn about a subject (in this case, an artist and his style) and do online projects. The difference is that there is a hands-on project as well since kids are creating art!. See my kids in action with the lesson on Wassily Kandinsky and Synesthesia here.

Another Online Unit Study I love is Famous Birthdays. In this study, your kids will learn about 2 famous people each month. So fun!

Online Unit Studies

Newest Online Unit Studies: Ancient Rome & Famous Inventors

The Techie Homeschool Mom has just released two brand new Online Unit Studies that I’m excited to check out:

Ancient Rome:

In Ancient Rome, your kids will learn about:

  • Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • Roman Mythology
  • Daily Life in Rome
  • Roman Architecture and Engineering
  • Roman Government
  • The Roman Language
  • Entertainment in Ancient Rome
  • Roman Military and War

Along with fun hands-on projects, students will learn to create a Quiz Game app.

Famous Inventors:

In Famous Inventors, your kids will learn about:

  • Archimedes
  • Galileo
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • James Watt
  • Charles Babbage
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Steve Jobs

All Online Unit Studies on Sale

Check to see if and Online Unit Studies are on sale now!

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