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The Best Language Arts Curriculum for Kids Who Hate Language Arts

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We all have those subjects in our homeschools, don’t we? There are some that we as the homeschool teacher don’t enjoy or feel comfortable teaching. And, there are those subjects that certain kids themselves can’t stand. Well, I’m excited to tell you that I have found the best language arts curriculum for kids who hate language arts.

It’s called Grammar Galaxy, and we have been using it in our homeschool for the past couple of years. We have completed the first two volumes called Nebula and Protostar, and today I’m introducing the newest Grammar Galaxy volume called Yellow Star!

The Best Language Arts Curriculum for Kids Who Hate Language Arts - Read all about Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star at

See our unboxing of Yellow Star here:


What Ages is Yellow Star for?

Yellow Star, the 3rd volume in Grammar Galaxy series, is for 4th graders (or those who have completed the equivalent of Protostar, the 2nd volume). However, what I love about this language arts curriculum is that is can be used for kids slightly older and slightly younger. My 13-year-old daughter has dyslexia, and this is a great level for her. My other kids using it are 9 and 11.

Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star Mission Manual and Text

What Makes Grammar Galaxy the best language arts curriculum?

So, you may be wondering. Why is Grammar Galaxy the best language arts curriculum for kids who hate language arts?

  1. There is no busy work. The kids enjoy their Mission Manuals (workbooks) because the lessons are fun, short, and don’t require too much writing. Often, they don’t even have to write, but can just highlight the answer.
  2. The stories are about a royal family who lives in space. It’s a mixture of medieval times and the future. So fun for Mom to read aloud! The kids think the stories are hilarious.
  3. It covers all areas of language arts, but in a fun, gentle way. The kids work on vocabulary, composition, grammar rules, and more.

Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star Mission Manual and Text.

What Will Kids Learn About in Yellow Star?

The Yellow Star text has 36 chapters and 211 pages. It’s divided into 4 units: Adventures in Literature, Adventures in Spelling and Vocabulary, Adventures in Grammar, and Adventures in Composition.

Here are some of the concepts they will study and work on: graphic novels, drawing conclusions, similes and metaphors, world literature and limericks, prefixes/suffixes/root words, verb confusion, unusual spellings, strategies for commonly misspelled words, abstract nouns, direct objects, double negatives, proofreading, transition words, and lipograms. I don’t even know what lipograms are, so I’m excited to learn, too!


Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star Mission Manual and Text

Launch Week Specials

Digital or print Yellow Star books, as well as bundles that include Yellow Star, are 20% off, no coupon required, from Sunday, April 1st at 10E/9C/8M/7P through April 8th at midnight Pacific time.

A special bonus is the inclusion of a matching guardian wristband for any order placed during the launch – shipping to the US only.

Yellow Star from Grammar Galaxy on sale during launch week

Great Post to Read About How to Help Kids Who Hate to Write

Melanie Wilson has written 6 Reasons Your Child Hates to Write and How to Fix It. Identify your child’s issue and find a solution here!

6 Reasons Your Child Hates to Write and How to Fix It. Review of Yellow Star, the third volume in the Grammar Galaxy series. From I Choose Joy!


(Disclosure: I received copies of Grammar Galaxy Yellow Star in order to effectively and honestly review the curriculum. This post contains affiliate links.)

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