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“Summer Media Guidelines” for a Smooth Summer (with free printable download)

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This was the first real “free” week we have had this summer. So, I knew it was time to post our Summer Media Guidelines where all my kids could see it. We have a set number of things for the kids to accomplish each day before they are allowed to do any media (computer game, iPad, video, etc.).

Summer Media Guidelines for a smooth summer. Help kids set summer goals. Checklists included. Free printables.

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Would you like a free download of it? I have provided a copy of our Summer Media Guidelines chart, a blank one that you can personalize for your family, and a blank copy of the Personal Summer Goals. Download it below!

What do my kids need to accomplish each day?

Here is what I came up with:

  • Kitchen Chores
  • Room Tidied
  • Clothes Washed & Put Away (if needed)
  • Piano practice (20 min.)
  • Other instrument or dance practice (20 min.)
  • Silent reading (20 min.)
  • Audiobook or History DVD (20 min.)
  • Math (15 min.)
  • Typing (15 min.)
  • Read Bible
  • Play Outside (or exercise)
  • Work on Personal Summer Goal (written on the Personal Summer Goal sheet)
  • Saturday Chores (only on Saturday)

One chart lasts each week. Each child puts their initials in the box after they accomplish it. I can simply look at one piece of paper to see what they have done and not done. 🙂

Audio Books & Educational DVDs:

Some audiobooks I like them to listen to are Jonathan Park (creation science), Adventures in Odyssey (Bible, Worldview, and American History), and Brinkman Adventures (missionary stories).

The history DVDs I just got last Sunday so we haven’t watched them yet, but I’ve heard good things about them: Learn Our History.

Math Skill Practice:

We mostly use for math during the summer so they can continue practicing math skills.


I have 4 suggestions.

Download your Summer Media Guidelines printable pack here:



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