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T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday: Finger and Foot Fitness!

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I know a lot of us have feet and hand problems.  Here is T-Tapp Fitness to the rescue!  (See on the right hand side where it says Current Top Sellers if you are on the Store page or at the bottom in a Star that says Deep Discount Tuesday on the Home page.)

Personally, I have arthritis in my hands and plantar fasciitis in my feet!  I can certainly use Teresa’s expertise!

Finger & Foot Fitness is more than 50% off.  Normally $39.95, get Finger & Foot Fitness for only $16.50!  71 minutes of help for your hands and feet!

Deep Discount Tuesday offer valid through midnight on 08/19/14.

Remember, the foundation of fitness starts in the fingers and the feet.  Finger and Foot Fitness can help to wake up your neuro-kinetic connection all the way to the furthest extremities.  Therefore, can actually attain better muscle activation and, over time, better results!

Yes You Can!  

Check out this Finger Fitness video here:


Here are a few of my other favorite T-Tapp DVDs:

Basic Workout Plus (get a great 15-minute workout without spending an hour!)

TappCore (9 short moves, great for kids too!)

Step Away the Inches (25 minutes, great 2-mile workout)

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