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Ten Reasons to add T-Tapp to your Exercise Routine

Wow–what a fun surprise this week with my T-Tapp exercise update!  I’ve lost 2 more pounds and 3 3/4 inches in just the last week!

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Update: T-Tapp is no longer available. I now use — and LOVE! — Lindywell Pilates with Robin Long. Get $20 off with this link! 🙂 

I didn’t even exercise as much as I had planned (was going to do the 18-minute Basic Workout Tempo (BWT) workout every other day).

Here is the workout schedule I did:

7/23 PBS (Primary Back Stretch), some T-Tapp Twist.  (5 minutes)
7/24 BWT (18 minutes)
7/25 TappCore moves:  butterflies, walking, hoe-downs;  OIP/Half frogs  (15 minutes)
7/26 PBS and hoe-downs (6 minutes)
7/27 PBS and hoe-downs, OIP/Half frogs (9 minutes)
7/28 BWT (18 minutes)
7/29 PBS and hoe-downs (6 minutes)

Ten Reasons to add T-Tapp to your Exercise Routine

It’s so motivating to lose some inches.  I started out 3 weeks ago wearing size 12 in some clothes and size 14 in others.  Now, I’m getting rid of the 14s!  If I average 2 pounds a week from now on, I’ll reach my goal by November.  But, I don’t really care what the scale says as long as I fit back into the clothes I want to wear.  That’s the real goal!

For the next week I’ll do BWT every other day (at least) and some other moves on the off days, including OIP (Organs in Place) and Half-Frogs, which is on the DVD included with Teresa Tapp’s book Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes.

Do you know why I love T-Tapp so much?

1.  It works!

2.  I can do it at home, with no equipment, and in only 4-square feet of space.

3.  It’s aerobic without having to jump around.

4.  It’s fast!  The Basic Plus workout is only 15 minutes long, and you WILL loses inches with just doing that.  It’s fast, but not easy.  🙂  I repeat the Flylady’s mantra to myself. “You can do anything for fifteen minutes–except whine!”

5.  It’s rehabilitative and created to work with all body types and sizes, as well as those with all kinds of health challenges.  Right now I am having major arthritis in my knees (will be seeing a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks), but I can still do this exercise, and it’s helping with the pain.

6.  I don’t have to exercise daily to continue to lose inches.

7.  There are great sales on T-Tapp products.  Follow my blog (email, RSS, FB, Twitter–see sidebar/footer) and I’ll let you know about them!  For example, right now, if you buy the book, you’ll receive Step Away the Inches, a great 25-minute walking workout for free ($16.95 for both).  And TappCore is $2 off ($17.95).

8.  I can do it in my regular clothes.  I wear cross trainers all day long (due to the Flylady’s advice to wear shoes that tie and because it helps with my plantar fasciitis), so it’s quick and easy to just stop what I’m doing and start exercising!

9.  It’s also easy to do on vacation.  I’ve put several workouts on my iPad, so I can just exercise in my room!  (I do this at home, too.)

10.  I hate exercising, but I love T-Tapp!

Bonus: They now have streaming videos which make it even more convenient to get the exercise in. 

**See my other T-Tapp posts for more information about this wonderful exercise program.  Or feel free to leave a comment with your questions!

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  1. Good for you Gena! YOu are my inspiration!
    Sorry to hear about your knees. Have you tried gluten free? A lot of my skeletal pain was inflammation from eating gluten. Hope this helps.

    1. I’m waiting for the correct diagnosis, but will go GF if I have to! –Gena

  2. I’ve had T-tapp for years and my portable dvd player just broke. I really don’t want to spend the $ to replace it. I only use it for T-tapp. I have a Samsung Tablet and would love to know how you are able to get your workouts on your ipad? Thanks

    1. What I did was download a software program called Video Wizard. It converts DVDs to the format it needs to be for the iPad. Then I was able to get it into iTunes and into the iPad. I’m not sure if it’s the same for the Samsung tablet. But it might be! Good luck,

  3. Hi! I found you via your comment on My Blessed Life. I’m really interested in T-Tap and am wondering if you could answer a couple of questions. Do you used a DVD for this or is the book sufficient?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. I started out with just the book. I read through the whole thing and really learned a lot about what’s different about T-Tapp. She includes the entire workout called Total Workout in the book. (The first 15 minutes of that is called Basic Workout.) There are pictures and you could probably do it with just the book. I did that for a while.
      Then, I ordered the DVD (Basic Workout Plus with Instructional 1) and realized I hadn’t been doing all the exercises exactly right.
      So, yes, you can do it with just the book. But the DVD really helps!

  4. Do you think this will be on sale again? Thanks.

    1. They often have sales! Keep checking their website. 🙂

  5. How do you download them onto your iPad?

    1. I had done it years ago with a program called Video Wizard. But it got erased when I had to restore my iPad. By that point I had memorized the Basic Workout, and now I just use the audio of it (came on a CD from T-Tapp). I would like to download another DVD, like Step Away the Inches, so I’m going to see if I can find a way to do it.

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