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Take Your Kids to Grammar Galaxy–the Easy and Fun Way to Do Language Arts!

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Look! It’s my 2 precious cuties in the graphic above! My dear friend Melanie Wilson has just released the first volume of her Grammar Galaxy language arts series.

(Update: As of Fall 2020, there are now 5 volumes of Grammar Galaxy!)

We were blessed to have had advanced copies which we worked on for the last six weeks. Can I just tell you how much my kids LOVE this curriculum? They are not making those smiles up in the photo above. When we received the printed copies in the mail (after having used the PDF downloads for a few weeks), they were so excited! Here is a real picture-not posed- that I took as soon as the posed picture above was taken:

Grammar Galaxy Language Arts Curriculum for Early Elementary

They couldn’t wait to look through the books. 🙂

Grammar Galaxy is a complete language arts curriculum for early elementary students. The two students above are in 2nd (age 7) and 4th grade (age 9). I also used it with my 11-year-old daughter who has dyslexia. It was a good level for her as well.

Through Story/ “Living Book” method:

One of the books is the textbook and has the stories that you read to begin each lesson (my daughter is holding that one in the picture above). The “English” family are the royal family of Grammar Galaxy. The three kids continually discover that things are going wrong–usually the fault of the villain The Gremlin who is out to destroy the English language. The English kids learn about a new concept during each lesson and then send our kids on a mission. The missions are found in the Mission Manual (my son is holding that book). Each lesson in the textbook takes about 5-10 minutes to read and is about 6 pages long.  The missions are like worksheets and there are about 5 pages for each lesson. You could do it all on one day or easily spread it out for several days or a whole week.

Sometimes I just did the missions orally and other times had the kids write in the answers. My 9-year-old son who usually dislikes anything that seems too much like “school” loves the mission workbook and was thrilled when the author Melanie Wilson sent a second copy that he could use all on his own! He especially loves using Erasable Highlighters in the book to mark his answers. 🙂

Language Arts

Language arts is not an easy subject for me to teach. In the past, I have just kind of hoped that some of these concepts would just be “picked up” naturally by the kids. I have 3 older kids, older than the 3 I have mentioned here. And, no, they didn’t always pick up the language arts and grammar concepts they needed to.

With Grammar Galaxy, it’s easy now. I just read the story and have the kids do the missions (worksheets). They love it and I love it!

The Details:

  • There are 36 chapters (lessons) in the Grammar Galaxy Nebula Text.
  • 188 pages in the Text.
  • 36 missions in the Mission Manual (about 5 pages per chapter).
  • There are also Challenges, which are assessments or tests.
  • The Mission Manual workbook is consumable.
  • Both books are paperback and nicely bound.
  • Digital downloads are also available. It’s easy to read the lessons on a tablet and print out the pages from the Mission Manual workbook that you need.
  • The textbook has illustrations to go along with the stories, and the workbook has some graphics.
  • The solutions are included in the workbook.
  • The lessons cover reading skill development, literary concepts, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, composition, and public speaking.
  • Here are a few of the 36 concepts your kids will learn: Fiction vs. Nonfiction, Tall Tales, Synonyms, Prefixes, Alphabetizing, Compound Words, Plural Nouns, Adverbs, Quotation Marks, Thank-You Notes.
  • The stories are funny and fanciful–very enjoyable for me to read aloud and for my kids to listen to!


I’ll share one more story with you. This last week we were doing the lesson on how to look up a word in a printed dictionary by using the guide words at the top of the pages. I asked the kids to go find 3 dictionaries so we could practice. My son came back with a Seven Language Dictionary. He started looking through it and got fascinated. Then, he started writing all kinds of words in Hebrew and telling me what they mean. I love it when they get inspired, and it just leads to more learning!

Check out the Free Samples (click on a specific product to see them) and try it out with your kids!

(Disclosure: I received Grammar Galaxy in order to work on it with my kids and give this honest review. I am also an affiliate and this post contains affiliate links.)

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  2. This looks like a great program. Can you add the links for the free samples? I can’t seem to locate them on their website. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I will do that as soon as I get a chance. But, you can find them on the purchase pages.

      1. Find the samples by clicking on a specific book in the store. It will take you to the description page of the book and a link to see samples. 🙂

    1. Yes! We ran out of time today, and my kids were so bummed. 🙂

  3. Is this really usable with a 4th grader? The site says 3rd?? Are there more levels that will be available?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes! Grammar/Language Arts is one of those subjects where there isn’t a set thing to learn each year. You just keep practicing it and getting better. The stories in Grammar Galaxy are absolutely appropriate for a 4th grader; my 12-year-old still enjoys them. It’s possible that if your 4th grader is a bit advanced, he or she might not enjoy the workbook/mission manual as much. My kids do, though. There are 2 levels currently available, and Melanie is working diligently to complete the third level.

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