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Teaching kids to pray

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I have a friend (a writer) who asked for tips on teaching kids to pray.  This is what I shared with her.


Here's what I do to teach my kids to pray:
*  We say a “thank you God for this food” prayer when we eat together as a family.
*  As part of my daily (or at least supposed to be!) Bible Time with my kids, we pray using ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).  I lead them (ages 5, 4 and almost-3 years old) to say a line for each part of the prayer.  For adoration, I'll mention an attribute of God (usually relating to the Scripture we had just studied).  For confession, I'll remind them about sin is and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  I will confess a sin of mine as an example for them to follow.  For thanksgiving I encourage each child to think of something they are thankful for.  For the supplication part, I give them choices of those who need prayer, and they pick who they want to pray for.  We will be certain to thank God when we receive the answer to the prayer.  We will also sometimes send a home-made card or picture to the person to let them know we prayed for them.
*  Every evening before bed my husband prays a longer prayer.  I believe this is a good example to help the kids learn how to pray, as well as to teach them that prayer is a part of our lives and that we believe in it.
*  We keep our kids (the older two) in the church service every Sunday and for the first part of our Small Group (Bible Study) meeting at our house every other week.  This is a further example to show our children how Christians get together to pray in community.
*  As my children continue to grow, I plan to teach them about how Scripture teaches us to pray and how to keep their own prayer notebooks (with requests and answers). 

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One Comment

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  2. reformingmama says:

    I love this idea to start doing ACTS with the kids! This is something I’ve long wanted to post on… really just to ask, “What are some of you others doing in this area?” So, thank you for sharing what you do. We will be starting this at our house!


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