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How do you know God is real?

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Today during our “Bible Time” we were discussing that believing in God means that you know that He is real even though we can't see Him.  My 5 yo was very honest in saying that He doesn't know for sure that God is really there.  I told my boys that there were 3 main reasons for why I believe God is real.


1)  He answers my prayers.  (My 4 yo quickly remembered that the other night we had lost his stuffed puppy that he sleeps with.  We looked for a long time and then remembered to pray about it.  Almost immediately after that we found it.  We thanked God for answering our prayer!)


2)  I am convicted about sin.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care about a lot of the sins I commit (for example, those related to not having a “meek and quiet spirit”) if I didn't have the Holy Spirit in me.


3)  Nature proves the existence of God.  Romans 1 tells us we have no excuse for not believing.


I hope that these answers will help my children to find their own faith in the Lord and to never doubt that He is always there for us.


Do you have other answers for this question?

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