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Teaching Textbooks Review from the Students’ Perspective

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We have been using Teaching Textbooks for our math curriculum for over 3 years now, after trying and using other curricula for years before that. And, we have found our match! You can read my other Teaching Textbooks review posts here:

Today we have a sponsored post from Teaching Textbooks. I have received Teaching Textbooks curricula for my kids to use and have been compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and my own.

Good News: Teaching Textbooks 4.0 which will work on all phones, tablets, etc. and doesn’t even need internet access is coming in 2020!


I thought it would be fun to hear about Teaching Textbooks from the kids’ point of view! So, here is a Teaching Textbooks review from the students’ perspective.
Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

Homeschool High School Graduate Majoring in Mechanical Engineering Teaching Textbooks Review:

My second son used Teaching Textbooks through Algebra 2, and then took two further math classes at the community college for college credit this past year. Teaching Textbooks prepared him well for his college math and chemistry classes. This fall, he’s heading to Olivet Nazarene University as a mechanical engineering student. Here is what he had to say about Teaching Textbooks:

“Teaching Textbooks taught me not only math, but how to learn math. Because of this I am able to pursue an engineering degree at college.” ~ J. Mayo


Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

Homeschool High School Sophomore’s Teaching Textbooks Review:

My oldest daughter is a sophomore this year. Here is what she has to say about Teaching Textbooks:

“I like Teaching Textbooks because it brings the strengths of learning in a classroom to homeschooling. I know, for me at least, concepts (especially math ones) are difficult to understand without a teacher who has studied the subject, so having the lecturer explain the concepts is very helpful for me.

I also appreciate that he re-explains the concept you’re learning if you get it wrong. When I would get a question wrong before Teaching Textbooks, there wasn’t a lot I could do about it. But, now I always watch the explanation and consequently remember it more later on.

Teaching Textbooks has helped me understand math better, with their learn-in-a-classroom approach.” ~ M. Mayo

Homeschool High School Freshman’s Teaching Textbooks Review:

My second daughter has an added difficulty with math because she has dyslexia. I am convinced that the online version and style of Teaching Textbooks has allowed her to be successful in staying at grade level in mathematics. Teaching Textbooks not only displays each problem in the assignment appears on-screen but it’s also read by the teacher. The reading of each problem is what makes Teaching Textbooks unique!

She said:

“I really like how when you get something wrong it shows you what you did wrong right after and how to fix it.” ~ R. Mayo

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog


7th Grader‘s Teaching Textbooks Review:

My 7th grader doesn’t really like math, but he said,

“I like that it’s on the computer and not in a book. I like the design of it. There is also a good amount of problems, not too many or too little.” ~ T. Mayo

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

6th Grader‘s Teaching Textbooks Review:

My sixth-grade daughter said this:

“I like that I can do it on the computer. It’s easy to figure out the questions because of the lectures. And, if I get the question wrong, it shows me how to do it. I like that I can take as much time as I want on it.” ~ L. Mayo

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

4th Grader’s Teaching Textbooks Review:

My youngest son has finished Teaching Textbooks Math 3 and started Math 4. He said,

“It helps me a lot with math. Some parts of it are kind of fun, like changing backgrounds. My favorites are jumble and snowfall backgrounds and robot chameleon, fidgety squirrel, and robot remix buddies.” ~ I. Mayo

He also likes that the backgrounds and buddies change for each new level.

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

Update on Puffin Browser and Final Thoughts:

One thing we have loved this past year with Teaching Textbooks version 3.0 is that we could use it on our iPad or iPhone with the Puffin browser.

I LOVED being able to check the grade books from my phone wherever I was.

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

However, the Puffin browser is no longer available for Apple devices.

In regards to Puffin this is Teaching Textbook’s statement on the matter as of right now:

“We do not have a specific recommendation for iOS users at this time. There are both free and paid alternatives to Puffin that iOS parents may want to try out in order to see what works best for them. Fortunately, Puffin will continue to function normally on Android devices. 

Also, the next version of our product–the 4.0–WILL work on iOS without the need for any 3rd party software, such as Puffin. We will have more details about that version in the fall, and rest assured that 3.0 users will be allowed to upgrade to 4.0 on request at no extra charge.”

Can I tell you how excited I am about version 4.0? I love a company that keeps updating its products as times and technology changes. Teaching Textbooks is staying strong and staying as our math curriculum!

Discount and Free Trial:

The Large-Family Discount works for a family of 4-8 students. You will pay $199.08 for the year and have access to one level per student. Students will only receive access to one level per year. 

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

Get your Teaching Textbooks 3.0 (online) Free Trial here!

Teaching Textbooks review from the students' perspective #math #homeschoolmath #teachingtextbooks #ichoosejoyblog

See a demonstration of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 here:


Giveaway of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Subscription of Your Choice:

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  1. Homeschool Parenting Summit 2.0 October 16-21, 2023
  2. I’ve never used it. I’d like to try it because math is a tough subject for my sons and they could use extra help.

  3. Shellie Contos says:

    I started using Teaching Textbooks last year and it made our day go so much smoother. I have one taking geometry this year, so not having to grade proofs is a huge perk for continuing to use TT.

  4. We just started using TT a year ago and my son loves it! He doesn’t complain about doing math anymore.

  5. I have used TT. But I have the older versions. I would love to have the newer so that I don’t have to do the grading myself.

  6. Heather Loewenheim says:

    We plan on trying Teaching Textbooks this year for our autistic son. It would be wonderful to win it!

  7. We have used tt for 2 years with 2 kids and we love it. It gives the kids the ability to have more autonomy over their math. They know what they are missing and why immediately. It’s like having a tutor sitting with them the whole time. It’s great for parents because it takes the guess work out of teaching things they may have forgotten how to do and it grades everything for you!

  8. My older kids used Teaching Textbooks and loved it. I am just starting TT younger kids and this would be perfect! My daughter is working her way through the free trail of TT 3 and is loving it so much. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  9. Teaching Textbooks is the only thing that has worked for my daughter who struggles at math! I would love to win this for the new year!!

  10. My older children are using an older version of teaching textbooks and really like it.

  11. Thanks for the giveaway. You did a great review!

  12. We used TT for the first time this year. My teen preferred it over what we’d used. She’ll need Geometry next month. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  13. Jennifer Vasquez says:

    We’ve tried it but already had a math curriculum we were using. My kids thought it was fun though and I’d like to give it a try.

  14. We’ve never used this before but would absolutely love the opportunity to try it. My son struggles a bit with math and honestly I’m not the best teacher. I can use all the help I can get. Thank you for the chance!

  15. Christy Hamilton says:

    I really want to switch my son over to TT for Math this school season. I hope it will be a good fit because right now, Math is our biggest struggle.

  16. Elizabeth ONEIL says:

    I tried TT in the past and it didn’t work because I found out the kids would skip the lecture part (they assumed they knew the information already) and start answering the questions. I decided to go with a curriculum that I could teach so I could guarantee they would be listening and learning. I desperately need to lighten my load, so I’m giving this another try. My kids are older now and I think they now realize the importance of watching every lesson. Many of my friends have had great success with TT, so I’m excited to give it another try.

  17. We love TT here! Thanks for this giveaway.

  18. My third grade son used Teaching Textbooks this past year and really enjoyed it. It kept him more focused and the immediate feedback worked well for him.

  19. I have never used it. It looks so useful fr my kids so I definitely wanna give it a try.

  20. Tasmin McDonald says:

    I think my 3rd grader will benefit from using TT. I have used it before with my older kiddos, but they preferred another method of learning. Thank you for offering such a great resource.

  21. Deanna Marissa says:

    I haven’t use Textbooks but I would love to. Perfect for my 2nd grader.

  22. Rubyann A says:

    My son just tried the free trial for Geometry Teaching Textbooks and he really found it helpful. He tried it in grade 3 and wasn’t too interested, but this time around he really liked it.

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