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Learning the Hebrew Language with Hebrew for Homeschoolers

 Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course is perfect for beginners of all ages. #hebrew #onlinecourse #homeschool #ichoosejoyblog
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Have you ever considered learning the Hebrew language? If you have, I’m so excited to tell you that there is a very accessible online course called Hebrew for Homeschoolers that you will love! Today, I’m going to let the author Ana Willis tell you all about it herself.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom because I’m giving away one family enrollment for the online course Hebrew for Homeschoolers Beginners Level 1!

Guest Post from Ana Willis:

Shalom, I’m Ana, a homeschool mom of 3! You might know me from my blog They Call Me Blessed, where I help homeschool moms go from stressed to blessed. I am also the founder of Hebrew for Homeschoolers!

I am passionate about Hebrew for some many reasons. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and that is about 70% of the whole Bible. Jesus and His disciples read the Holy Scriptures and prayed in Hebrew daily.

“Hebrew is the best language to learn of all… no one can really understand Scripture without it.” ~ Martin Luther

Hebrew is the language of Moses, King David, and so many heroes of our faith. Learning Hebrew brings you into a much deeper understanding of the Bible and strengthens your faith.

Can you imagine you and your kids learning to read, write and speak the very language of Jesus and our heroes of the Bible spoke? What if…

  • This could unlock an amazing and much deeper understanding of the word of God?
  • Learning Hebrew can open doors bigger than you could ever know in your life?
  • This can bring you a personal revival like never before?


Why am I (Ana) qualified to teach Hebrew?

Of course, just being passionate about Hebrew is not enough to qualify me to teach your kids. So here is a bit of background information for you.

I come from a Jewish background and when I gave my life to Jesus 19 years ago, I knew I wanted to learn Hebrew, move to Israel, and share the Good News about the Messiah with my people. So I did just that!

I had the privilege of living in Jerusalem and walking where Jesus walked for 5 years of my life. Israel is where I graduated, got married, had my first two children, entered full-time ministry, and lived the best five years of my life!

I was blessed to study at the Hebrew University for two years and to graduate from Israel College of the Bible in Jerusalem with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Judaic Studies. For 12 years I have taught Hebrew and a course on Understanding Israel and The Jewish Culture to churches around the world.


Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course is perfect for beginners of all ages. #hebrew #onlinecourse #homeschool #ichoosejoyblog

Is Hebrew too hard to learn?

No, not at all!

It is much easier than you think.

In fact, one of the things that makes Hebrew so easy to learn is that the Hebrew letters always have the same sounds, unlike the English language that has many different sounds to many letters and it’s so confusing with so many exceptions.

“Hebrew is to a large extent a phonetic language with a relatively small vocabulary. Generally, it is based on a simple three-letter root system which provides a helpful memory aid in the formation of various verbs and nouns; nothing like the complexity of many modern European languages.”

– David Bivin, Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus.


Here is what Hebrew for Homeschoolers for Beginners will teach you:

  • The Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Greetings
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Biblical vocabulary
  • Hebrew songs

In only 10 weeks you and your children will be able to read, write and speak Hebrew for beginners and have basic conversations. How fun will this be?

There are no other courses like Hebrew for Homeschoolers!

  • Classes are self-paced and last about 60 minutes.
  • This course is geared to the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest in the family.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course.
  • And join our Facebook community for extra learning.

Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course is perfect for beginners of all ages. #hebrew #onlinecourse #homeschool #ichoosejoyblog

Here is what parents are saying about Hebrew for Homeschoolers:

Hebrew for Homeschoolers has been such a blessing to myself and my children! Out of all the “school” things we do, they look forward to this the most. My five year old even remembers that Mondays are for Hebrew! Ana is a fabulous and gifted teacher!” – Dee Harrington, homeschool mom.

“Our family really enjoyed Hebrew for Homeschoolers. The fact that Ana brings LIVE classes to your home combined with her natural teaching ability made learning the foundations of the Hebrew language so easy. Whether you have a little Hebrew under your belt (like us) or none at all, Ana shows you how to take what you learn and put it into immediate use by also teaching greetings, songs, and common things spoke in everyday conversations. Not to mention, if you can’t tune in live, the replays are available immediately to watch at your convenience! If you are looking for a foreign language to study for personal or extracurricular use, I highly recommend Hebrew for Homeschoolers with Ana!” – Michelle Huddleston, homeschool mama, and blogger at With The Huddleston’s.

“My two daughters and I have been enjoying the classes. I am really learning a lot about Jewish Culture, which, I believe, is important. My girls really like the songs that Mrs. Willis teaches. Ana is a very beautiful lady; even when she was recovering from her toothache, she was bubbly and enthusiastic. Her passion for Hebrew is evident, which makes her the perfect choice for a teacher. We are looking forward to the next class! Thank you so much, Ana.” – Tamara Williams-Smith, homeschool mom.

“I had never even thought to learn Hebrew. However knowing what an amazing teacher Ana is I had to take this class! It has been such a joy to watch every week with my son.” – Jessica Kangai, homeschool mom.

Hebrew for Homeschoolers Testimonial from our Facebook page

What if Hebrew for Homeschoolers will be the best investment you’ll make this week for your family?

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Hebrew for Homeschoolers: Enroll Now!

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Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course is perfect for beginners of all ages. #hebrew #onlinecourse #homeschool #ichoosejoyblog

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    All of the courses look amazing! But, the combined Hebrew course starting with Beginner level 1, would be perfect for us!

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    I would love to do the 4 week Hebrew intensive.

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