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Ten Things to Do Before Age Ten

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I mentioned in a previous post that I’m following (mostly) the Bluedorn’s classical education model that they write about in the book Teaching the Trivium.  When I went to my first homeschool conference in 2002 (when my babies were 17 months and 6 weeks old!) I heard Laurie and Harvey speak.  Even though I have read and heard about hundreds of other methods and systems of teaching kids, I always go back to this one as my basis.

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Here are the Ten Things to do Before Age Ten:

1.  Reading and Writing–intensive phonics, copywork

2.  Oral Narration–have them practice “telling back” what they heard read.

3.  Memorization

4.  Hearing & Listening–2 hours listening daily of read-alouds

5.  Family Worship

6.  Arts & Crafts

7.  Field Trips & Library

8.  Work & Service–including household chores

9.  Discipline–establish first-time obedience

10.  Play & Exploration–outside a lot, use real items (not just toys)

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