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The Bible Trivia Game: Day 4

The Beginner’s Bible Trivia Game for National Bible Week

Beginner's Bible Trivia Game for National Bible Week

Welcome back to The Beginner’s Bible Trivia Game? Today is Day 4 of 5! If you missed the other days, check back at this post for rules, etc. and here is Day Two’s Trivia Game and Day Three’s Trivia Game. Answer them all for more chances to win!

Here we go today with more questions. I think the questions are getting harder! Get your kids or grandkids involved and see if they know the answers to some of these questions, too!

The Beginner's Bible Trivia Game

Day Four Trivia Questions:

  1. On which day of the year could the High Priest enter the Holiest Place, the innermost part of the temple where the covenant box was kept?
  1. In which Prophecy do we read about the valley of dry bones?
  1. What “weapons” did Gideon use to defeat the Midianites?

Update: The winner is Sherry.

**Put your answers in the comments section! The first 5 to have all three answers correct will go into the drawing to win The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories


I have two other wonderful giveaways for National Bible Week.

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  1. 1 Day of Atonement
    2 Ezekiel’s vision about what God will do Israel; resurrection from death to life
    3 pitchers, lamps and trumphets

  2. 1. The Day of Atonement 2. Ezekiel, 3. Torches inside earthen pitchers and trumpets

    1. Congratulations, Sherry. You are the winner (according to
      I’m contacting you by email. 🙂

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