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How to Get Your Homeschool Life Organized 15 Minutes at a Time

Why I Love The Organized Homeschool Life

I would say I’m a naturally organized person, but life has happened in the past few years that has taken a toll on the organization in our home. That’s why I’m so excited about my friend Melanie Wilson’s new book called The Organized Homeschool Life, digital copy. It leads us through steps to get organized 15 minutes at a time!

If you’d like a print copy, you can get The Organized Homeschool Life, print copy, here!


Some of the Challenges:

  • Daily Devotion Challenge
  • Daily Routine Challenge
  • To Do List Challenge
  • Marriage of Your Dreams Challenge
  • Decluttering Challenge
  • Memory Keeping Challenge
  • Confident Parent Challenge
  • Homeschool Planning Challenge
  • Friendship Challenge
  • Outdoor Activity Challenge
  • Core Curriculum Prep Challenge
  • To Do List Challenge
  • Hospitality Challenge
  • Organize Your Finances Challenge
  • Goal Setting Challenge
  • Hobby Challenge
  • Christmas Planning Challenge

Go pick it up now and join me in getting organized 15 minutes at a time this year! I’ll be sharing my success with you. I’d love for you to share yours with me, too!

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