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Silent Reading Time with a Reading Journal: Day 2 of “6 Days of New Year’s Resolutions”

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Silent Reading Time with a Reading Journal

One goal I’m making for the new year is for all of my kids, and me, to get back to having a silent reading time every day. I’ve kept up my reading-aloud to them, but my younger kids haven’t been reading to themselves much. I found a really fun way to accomplish this goal–with a Reading Journal!

My oldest 3 have had some books that they have been reading (my oldest has been re-reading the Harry Potter series, my 2nd son has been downloading books by Bryan Davis on Kindle, and my oldest daughter has been having fun with Nancy Drew books). I’d like to have a regular library day every few weeks where the next 3 kids go and pick out books that they can keep at their beds and read to themselves.

My 2nd daughter has dyslexia and has just recently gotten to the point where I will occasionally catch her actually trying to read to herself without me beside her! I think we can find some easy readers that will interest her and will give her some more confidence in reading. I truly desire that she will get to the point where she enjoys reading and doesn’t always see it as a chore.

My 3rd son has enjoyed Hardy Boys books. We’ll be able to find a whole new set of books for him that will really hold his interest!

My 3rd daughter probably loves reading and books more than all the others. She’s only 7, but we all think she’s going to be an author when she grows up.

I have recently discovered a new product that will be perfect for this resolution of silent reading time. It’s the Reading Journal from Not Consumed.

Aren’t these pages cute? Well, not just cute, but very educational as well. I love how I can assign certain pages for the different aged kids (ages 7-12) to fill out after they read each book. I know some will really enjoy it! Others may just see it as school-work, but it will really be a great way to help them understand what they’re reading better. It comes as a paper-back book: Reading Journal: Homeschool Elementary Reading Curriculum
or as a digital download. Check out the free sample!


Do you have some great ideas for encouraging silent reading time? Please share in the comments!

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