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Visiting Hollywood: A Vacation Scrapbook

I thought I had finished all the vacation posts of our California trip last summer, but I forgot Hollywood!

See the “Hollywood” sign in the distance?

California 1 255

One afternoon, we drove around to see the different parts of the Los Angeles area–Bellaire and Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Hollywood.  We drove by Grauman’s Chinese Theater, saw some Hollywood stars (on the sidewalk), and ate lunch at an outdoor Chick-Fil-A with sprinklers spraying water on us to keep us cool in the hot California sun.

California 1 252

I wanted so much to see the famous Hollywood sign, but no matter where we looked we couldn’t see it.  I never realized how hilly it is around Los Angeles.

Finally, we decided to follow the Google Maps directions even though they seemed to take us a very strange way. It worked. We drove up on the mountain and jumped out at the Observatory to take a quick picture since there were no parking places available.

Hollywood sign in California


Here are our other California scrapbook posts:

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