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Want Your Kids to Learn Math Fast and Well?

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Do you want your kids to learn math fast and well? So do I! Unfortunately, several of them weren’t. We go through the math curriculum, but at the end of the year, some are still slow, make many mistakes, and don’t completely understand every concept.

How to Learn Math Fast in your Homeschool. Includes a video review of the Learn Math Fast system, which is perfect for all ages.

Disclosure: I received Learn Math Fast volumes 1-4 and the geometry kit with compensation in exchange for this completely honest review. Affiliate links are used in this post.

That’s why I was thrilled to start using Learn Math Fast a couple of months ago. We are using it alongside the regular math curriculum as a math enrichment activity.

What is Learn Math Fast?

Learn Math Fast is a math curriculum consisting of seven volumes. I have looked at the first four and used part of volume 1 with my kids ages 6, 8, 10, and 12. The whole purpose of Learn Math Fast is to make sure that you really understand the concepts and have conceptualized them before moving on to the next.

Learn Math Fast System

The author recommends that you always start at the beginning, even if you are starting the system with a high schooler or adult. It starts with basic adding. You use manipulatives, such as pennies, to practice adding and subtracting in the first few chapters. Each time before you add another level of learning, you’ll take a timed oral test to make sure you really have those addition and subtraction facts down cold. We are stuck right now at the end of chapter 1. They have been trying to complete the 1-minute timed test and are having trouble with the subtraction problems. That’s ok; we’ll keep doing it every day until they get faster.

Learn Math Fast System

Who Can Use Learn Math Fast?

  • Anyone who can count to 100
  • Can read and write numbers
  • Has a basic understanding of the Base 10 system
  • Knows that 1+2=3

The author gives different suggestions for using the Learn Math Fast system depending on the age of the student. Older students who are struggling can have the teacher work through the lessons with them. There are practice worksheets that you can copy from the book or print directly from the website.

One thing I’m doing with my daughter who has dyslexia is giving her more time to complete the timed tests. I love how flexible this system is!

High School, Older, and Struggling to Graduate Students

These students can probably go through several lessons a day, but should complete at least one lesson a day for 6 days of the week. Since the books are self-directing and contain the answers, the teacher is not necessary.

Learn Math Fast System

Video Review of Learn Math Fast

The Promises from Learn Math Fast

“Even if your student spends a week on each lesson, you will still be able to advance three grade levels in one year, so take your time.”

“After completing Volumes 1-7, you will be ready to take the SAT, ACT, GED or any College Placement Test.”

What’s Taught in Each Book (that I looked at)

  • Volume 1: Adding, Subtracting (up to double digits, Multiplying (up to triple digits), Long Division, Decimals, U.S. Standard Measurements.
  • Volume 2: Fractions, Percentages, Negative Numbers
  • Volume 3: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Slope
  • Volume 4: Geometry, Metric System

Learn Math Fast System

I’m so excited to continue working through the Learn Math Fast system. It’s going to revolutionize math in our homeschool! I’m trying to figure out how to get my oldest 3 kids to do it as well (ages 13, 15, and 16) because I know if will help them so much!

Check out the Learn Math Fast books on Amazon:

Learn Math Fast is a complete system for homeschool math learning and review and it's great for all ages.

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Review of Learn Math Fast volumes 1-4. This math system is amazing! I can't wait to keep using it all the way through with my kids to see how much better they'll get at math. #math #homeschoolmath #learnmathfast #ichoosejoyblog

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    Hello, wondering if you can give an update on using Learning Math Fast?

    1. Actually, thanks for the encouragement to get back to it. It’s sitting on my table ready to use for our Morning Time! 🙂

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