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Super Fun Ways to be “Scared” in Your Homeschool!

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Who likes to be scared? I know a lot of people actually enjoy it. I have to admit I don’t. But, if you and your kids happen to fall into that category, today I’m going to share some super fun ways to be “scared” in your homeschool, perfect to do during the month of October. There are projects for the subjects of art, literature, and music.

Super Fun Ways to be Scared in Your Homeschool

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Scary Art

My all-time favorite art courses are from Alisha Gratehouse of Masterpiece Society. This year she has added quite a few projects to help you be “scared” in your homeschool with art! These are each available separately, or you can join the membership in January 2022 to get access to everything. Sign up for her waitlist here so you’ll know if she has a secret opening before then!

LiterARTure: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The first category of scary art we’ll explore is LiterARTure, art projects based on classic literature. Recommended for ages 8 and up, you receive lifetime access to any projects you purchase.

In the book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll is horrified to discover that a man such as himself can become someone as evil and malicious as Mr. Hyde — and he’s afraid of what his alter-ego might do next. In the Jekyll and Hyde art lesson, you’ll create a piece inspired by Dr. Jekyll’s inner turmoil.

Jekyll and Hyde LiterARTure project from Masterpiece Society

LiterARTure: Lord of the Rings

In the books of the Lord of the Rings, Lord Sauron forged a ring in the fires of Mount Doom that renders the wearer invisible and gives them enormous power. On the ring is inscribed a verse in old elven text that can only be revealed with fire. Create this project that shows the ring, Sauron’s eye, and his tower.

Do scary art with LiterARTure project for the Lord of the Rings, from Masterpiece Society.

LiterARTure: Frankenstein

Our next scary art project goes with the book Frankenstein, which tells the story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s dangerous experiment. After collecting different body parts from a graveyard, he stitches them together, and brings the newly-formed body to life with a burst of electricity, creating a great and terrifying monster in the process.

Do a scary art project that goes with the book Frankenstein, from Masterpiece Society.

LiterARTure: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

There are lots of scary creatures under the sea, including the giant squid you’ll create to go with the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Paint a scary giant squid to go with the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, from Masterpiece Society.


Monsterpiece Society

Monsterpiece Society is a collection of projects where you’ll enjoy monstrous fun by creating MONSTERpieces!

These are the 5 MONSTERpieces you’ll create:

(1) Bona Lisa
Considered an archetypal monsterpiece of the Transylvanian Renaissance, the subject’s enigmatic expression makes it difficult to tell if she is actually smiling, seeing as she has no lips.

(2) The Howl
The werewolf recalled that he had been out for a walk at sunset when suddenly the setting sun’s light turned the clouds a blood red and as the full moon rose he sensed an infinite howl passing through nature.

(3) Boo Boy
The Boo Boy is a full-length portrait of the son of a wealthy hardware merchant. It was painted as a historical costume study soon after he departed this mortal coil, thus why it features his bright blue suit.

(4) The Legend of Sleepy Kahlo
The Legend of Sleepy Kahlo is a self-portrait, which includes a spiderweb necklace and a bat on her shoulder. The artist painted this piece right after she lost her head.

(5) Ghoul with a Pearl Earring
This ghoulish girl wears an exotic dress and a turban, so old that the fabric has become worn and frayed. Yet even after all these years, her pearl earring is still in pristine condition.

You'll be scared in your homeschool as you work on the Monsterpiece Society art projects.

Scary Literature: Book Clubs and Poetry Tea Times

There are some scary literature book clubs available at Literary Adventures for Kids! These online courses take you on rabbit trails of discovery into history, science, art, and more. You’ll will find ways to learn by experiencing parts of the book through “magic dust” hands-on activities.


All 6 “spooky” literature courses are on sale for 50% off! But, hurry it ends at midnight on All Hallow’s Eve. Use code HALLOWEEN at checkout.

Here are the six scary book clubs:

Literary Adventures for Kids book clubs Literary Adventures for Kids book clubs


Halloween Poetry Tea Time

This Literary Adventures for Kids is having their very first VIRTUAL, LIVE Halloween Poetry Teatime!

Here’s what you can expect from the Virtual, Live Halloween Poetry Teatime:

  1. Halloween Poetry Teatime is Thursday, October 28 at 11 am CST/ 12 pm EST.
  2. Meet (virtually on Zoom) with our snacks and tea (or whatever drinks you prefer).
  3. Feel free to dress up in your favorite costume (my favorite is Professor McGonagall – I even have the wand!).
  4. Those who would like to can then share their favorite Halloween or fall poem. (Just not too scary. This is a G-rated poetry teatime.)
  5. Finally, I will lead the kids in a Halloween poetry writing activity.

The poetry teatimes Dachelle leads are for all ages. So, even non-readers can join in (though mom or dad will need to be available to help with the reading and writing parts). But, the activity will apply to all ages.

And, it’s FREE! But, you have to sign up! 

Free Halloween Poetry Teatime

Scary Music

Halloween is one of the holidays you’ll find a music lesson for in the Fall Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days online course!

Music is such a part of our lives and can really help us prepare for the holidays we want to celebrate throughout the year. Learn about, listen to, and do activities with various songs and music which relate to fall holidays such as Halloween, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. Also included are fun music lessons for special days such as Roald Dahl Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Each of the 11 lessons includes:

  • Information about the holiday or special day
  • Videos of the music to listen to/ watch
  • At least one printable
  • An online quiz

The Halloween Music Lesson includes four “scary” pieces to learn about and listen to!

Fall Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days Fun & quick music lessons for the fall season of September through November

Do you have some other fun ways to be “scared” in your homeschool? Share in a comment below!

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