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What We’ve Been Doing at Homeschool Co-op

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I’ve been really excited with what my kids are doing at our homeschool co-op this year.

It All Begins With Genesis

My oldest kids have a class in “It All Begins With Genesis” where they are discussing truths from the Bible and learning about other world views, creative writing (using some materials from Institute for Excellence in Writing, and science.  The younger kids have a long geography class where they learn from maps, play games from around the world, and do crafts.  They participate in the science class as well.  And I am in charge of the preschool class where I teach early childhood music and movement, read books, play games outside, do crafts (especially painting!), worksheets, and free play.  (There is also a high school class in Constitutional Literacy.)

Apologia Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics

For science this year we’re studying physics and chemistry.  The elementary book is Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics.

and the middle school book is Christian Kids Explore Physics.


Science Experiments and Projects

Making terrariums to understand the water cycle:





Making a “lava lamp” to see how liquids have different densities.




Experimenting with an amorphous solid (has properties of solid and liquid):





Preschool class





Geography games and crafts:








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  2. I just picked up Christian Kids Explore Physics at Half Price Books for $15 – I was so excited. I will also be reviewing the new Apologia Chemistry book and can’t wait to get started!!

    1. Great! I’m really enjoying the books (Apologia more than the other.) 🙂

    1. Yes–I love the hands-on stuff. It’s just hard to fit in the schedule sometimes!

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