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What’s going on Today?

Well, I have slept through the night (7 hours in a row) the last TWO nights!  I don’t think that has happened in years!  Of course, I’m still so sleep-deprived that I don’t feel any better yet, but maybe if the trend continues. . . .  I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a cloud for so long, it’s hard to remember what it’s like to be clear-headed.  I’m going to try Claritan to help with my allergies–got the doctor’s approval yesterday.  Seven 1/2 weeks until baby’s due date!  Oh, and I really need to exercise today, too.

Today is a pretty easy day, as far as not having too much going on outside the house.  We only have soccer practice this afternoon (for the five oldest) and only if it doesn’t rain.

I’ve decided to try a week of Pinterest-Inspired recipes.  I worked on the menu and grocery list this morning and my wonderful husband is now at the store! Last night we had take out pizza, but for dessert we had Crock-Pot Lava cake.  I tried it with Sucanat instead of brown sugar this time, but it still tasted too “molassasy” for me.  I might see if it works with white sugar next time.

Here are the recipes for the next week, yes a lot are with the crock-pot!:

Tonight: Crock-pot Chicken Parmesan with asparagus and Andes Mint Cookies

Sunday:  Snicker-doodles for after the kids’ piano recital.  Crock-pot Steak Burritos for dinner

Monday:  Eggs and toast (easy, since Dad’s not here.  Bible Study Fellowship night.)

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Taco Casserole

Thursday:  Crock-pot baked potatoes (easy, swim lessons evening)

Friday:  Homemade Pizza–garlic bread pizza crust

Let me know if you need an invite to Pinterest so you can see these recipes!

This morning I baked bread.  It’s been a while since I got behind on my wheat order.  But I picked up 100 pounds of wheat berries yesterday, so we’re set now!  The kids did their usual morning chores, plus a 15-minute extra Saturday chore (which must be completed before they’re allowed to use any electronic devices.)  The older 2 boys vacuumed the first floor.  The older 2 girls each cleaned a bathroom.  The younger boy and girl “cleaned” the basement.  🙂  I’m planning on doing a post on our chores soon.  I also offered a couple of pay jobs this morning.  My 2nd son cleaned out the refrigerator.  Yeah!  I hate doing that!  And my oldest is at this moment cleaning out and vacuuming our big van.

Soon, I’m going to try to head upstairs to sew.  I’m working on my niece’s butterfly quilt and need to finish our picnic quilt, too.

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This 195-page e-book is a huge resource!  And it’s funny!

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How do you teach children to be still and quiet in church?

How do you prepare children to be around unbelieving

How do you keep things fair for all your children?

How do you keep your patience in the midst of chaos?

How do you manage outings with only little ones?

Do you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed?

How do you make sure your children get enough individual

Naps: How important are they? How do you make them

How do you find time for projects that need to be done,
require focused attention and which the children can’t help

How do you teach your children to do chores?

How do you teach children to be diligent?

Which parenting style is best?

How do you teach your children about the birds and the

How do you deal with sibling squabbles?

The ebook also contains a master chore list of age appropriate chores, and there are two original printables.

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