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Vacation Tip–Toddler Sleep Time

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Vacation Toddler Sleep Tip


As you may have noticed I’ve been posting about our recent vacation to Colorado (Post #1 Omaha, Post #2 Colorado Springs) and have a tip to share with you today about helping your toddler sleep better!  If your babies are like mine, they don’t sleep very well in the car, so nap times (rare on vacation) and night-time sleeping is extremely important.

If you’re going to be flying, be sure to check out this other tip: airplane flight with toddlers.

Here is my Toddler Sleep Tip:

Use a pack-n-play with a sheet; otherwise the bottom is too cold and scratchy for the child.  Cover it with a heavy blanket (I used my handy Picnic Quilt) to block out light and to keep them from being distracted from all the other people in the room.  Then, turn on a little fan to add some white noise and block out some of the strange sounds they’ll be hearing.  I got this little box fan at Walgreens.

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  2. I love this tip! I will be taking my daughter to a wedding this fall, and I can’t wait to try this tip.

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