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Homeschool Adventure–Studying Philosophy!

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My oldest and I just started a new philosophy course this week, and we’re really enjoying it!

We are using the Philosophy Adventure by Stacy Farrell, published by Home School Adventure Co.  It includes biography, worldview, writing, and geography, along with philosophy.  The course can be used as a high school credit!

We also have the Bible Study called Philippians in 28 Weeks and the literary guide The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions.

If you’d like to read more about these curricula, check out their website and be sure to check back here since I’ll be reviewing them.

And enter the giveaways that are going on right now!

Monday: Philosophy Adventure
Tuesday: Philippians in 28 Weeks (ESV)
Wednesday: The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Questions
Thursday: Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal
Friday: a bundle of all 4 products




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