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Learn Sign Language at Home with the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Online Class

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One of my greatest loves is learning more of the beautiful language ASL, American Sign Language. I’m thrilled that my three youngest kids and I have been learning sign language together! Last year we did an ASL 1 class, and this January we started ASL 2. Today I’m going to talk about how you can learn sign language at home with the Mr. D Math ASL 2 online class!

Learn Sign Language at Home with the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Online Class

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time reviewing this product and writing this review.

The Mr. D Math ASL 2 online class is taught by a young lady named Thia. The kids and I love her! She’s personable and relatable, and very knowledgeable despite her young age.


Here is Thia teaching us a sign:

Thia, our instructor, for the Mr. D Math ASL 2 course

How the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Course Works

The ASL 2 course is pre-recorded, but there is still some interaction with the teacher. I really like this duality. We can follow along at our own pace, and when we’re ready to submit an online quiz for grading, we do that. When it’s graded, we receive the grade back (inside the course site and through an email).

There are even two other features of the course that we haven’t taken advantage of since my kids aren’t in high school. In other words, if they were taking this class for high school credit, I would have them do these two things: join in on Thia’s live help sessions (they’re recorded so we can watch them later as well), and submit videos of themselves signing certain things to get graded.


An example of an online quiz score:

Quizzes on the Mr. D Math ASL 2 course

Specifically How We Learn Sign Language at Home

I include sign language as part of our daily Morning Basket time. Each morning we start with WorldWatch News (a current event program), Scripture memory, Grammar or Writing, and then Sign Language!

We sit on the couch in the living room and I screen share with my laptop to the smart TV. The kids that are learning sign language are ages 9, 11, and 13. We spend about 15 minutes a day watching a lesson, doing the online quizzes, reviewing older vocabulary, and signing for each other so we can practice “reading” the signs.


An included video about how American Sign Language started in America:

Learning about deaf education history through the Mr. D Math ASL 2 course


Me signing “bacon:”

Learn Sign Language at Home with the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Online Class - I'm signing "bacon"


What I Love About the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Course

There are many things I love about the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Course. One thing is that it’s versatile! If your high schooler needs a foreign language credit, he or she can use this course. But, it’s also easy enough to use with younger students, like I’m doing, as well as being challenging enough for adults!

The course site for Mr. D Math ASL 2 online course


My Video about Learn Sign Language at Home:


Be sure to head over to Mr. D Math to see all the courses that are available there! And, here is Dennis’s podcast you’ll want to listen to as well!

Learn Sign Language at Home with the Mr. D Math ASL 2 Online Class


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