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Let’s Go On Some Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics

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As we prepare for the long-awaited 2020 Olympic Games to open in July 2021, I’m happy to share some ways today to go on some Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics!

Let's Go on Some Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics

Disclosure: I received Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics in order to effectively and honestly review it. This post also contains affiliate links.

What is Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics?

Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics is a lesson from This Bit of Life that takes you through several activities to learn about and do some “rabbit trails” through the topic.

Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics, a fun lesson for elementary students to learn about the Olympic games.

We read some inspirational books:

We learned about Olympic Medals and designed our own.

We did some online research to learn about different medal designs, then my kids set off to design their own!


Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics, a fun lesson for elementary students to learn about the Olympic games.

More Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics.

There are so many more fun book, video, craft, research, and copywork ideas included in Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics. You could do it all in a day or stretch it out for a whole week!

Head here to get Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics and do it before or during the Olympics!

Rabbit Trails Through the Olympics, a fun lesson for elementary students to learn about the Olympic games.

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Teach your kids all about the summer olympics with this Online Unit Study!

15-Minute Music Lesson Freebie_ Music of the Olympics

Summer Games video art lessons

How Are You Celebrating the Olympics with Your Kids?

Do you have some other fun activities or ideas for celebrating or learning about the Olympic Games with your kids? Please share in a comment below!

Other Rabbit Trails Curriculum Resources:

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Rabbit Trails Through Literature, Science, Holidays, the National Parks, History -- so many fun ideas for your homeschool!

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  2. Daneele Hayes says:

    Thank you! I think the kids will be interested in it. I’m not looking forward to the Olympics at all and not interested in it, but it’s a good idea to get the kids excited and broaden their horizons.

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