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Organized Homeschool LIVE organizing boot camp for Christian families

Are you the type of person who likes to have encouragement and step-by-step help when doing something difficult or new? I am! That’s why I’m so excited about Organized Homeschool Live!
  Organized Homeschool Live is a bootcamp for Christian homeschool moms coming January 2020!

What is Organized Homeschool LIVE?

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Organized Homeschool LIVE is a one-day event on Facebook that will have families completing organizing challenges together. The boot camp can be completed at a later date, but joining us live on January 3rd will be a much better experience for participants.

But, it’s not just on January 3…

The support will not end with the event! Homeschool moms love 5-minute organizing missions. These daily missions will be a part of the ticket purchase as well as organizing devotions through March.

The live event will just kick off on January 3rd but will be available for completion (and group support) any time through the end of March.


If you’ve tried and failed to achieve an organized homeschool life in the past, you might need accountability to make it happen. Organized Homeschool LIVE is an organizing boot camp for Christian families. You’ll enjoy the accountability and encouragement of other homeschool families online as you complete the challenges that will make all the difference in your home.

Register now!

Organized Homeschool Live is a bootcamp for Christian homeschool moms coming January 2020!

Why Should You Join Organized Homeschool LIVE?

This is an opportunity for real-life change!

Organized Homeschool LIVE is like hiring a personal trainer for your family. You’ll complete challenges with your kids that will get you organized and keep you that way all year! Grab your ticket for the January event and enjoy more organization now with the bonuses.

Tickets include

  • Pre-event training and challenge resource list
  • Printables
  • Private Community Group access
  • Digital copies of The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner (LOVE this!)
  • Discounts on the print versions and the spring event!

You’ll spend one day completing key organizing challenges with your kids. You’ll not only experience a cleaner, less cluttered home, but you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing how to keep it that way!

Organized Homeschool Live is a bootcamp for Christian homeschool moms coming January 2020!

Here are the Challenges in Organized Homeschool LIVE

These key challenges during Organized Homeschool LIVE will make 2020 your most organized year ever!

Challenge #1: Daily Devotions – You’ll experience the best time and approach to connect with God personally, as a family, and as a couple.

Challenge #2: Daily Routine – You’ll practice the easy way to keep your home tidy and get dinner on the table fast.

Challenge #3: To-Do List – You and your kids will learn a fun, motivational way to complete your most important school and personal tasks quickly.

Challenge #4: Decluttering – You and your kids will let go of belongings with a low-stress process you’ll all use for a lifetime.

Challenge #5: Memory Keeping – You’ll preserve and enjoy precious photos without scrapbooking.

Challenge #6: Chores – You’ll use one of three simple strategies for getting your whole house clean in a hurry. No complicated chore charts required!

Challenge #7: Parenting – You’ll quickly connect with your kids using this simple approach. They’ll love it and will want to do it weekly! As you practice it, you’ll notice fewer sibling squabbles.

Bonus Challenge – You’ll plan special time for yourself or to connect with your spouse. You’ll complete this bonus challenge feeling ready to homeschool another year!

Ongoing Organizing Missions – You’ll keep the momentum going through March with devotionals focused on creating an ordered life and 5-minute missions you’ll complete with our private group.

Do you have to attend live?

No! Live attendance is not required. You’ll still receive the information so you can implement whenever you’re able.


You’ll also receive these valuable bonuses!

  • The Organized Homeschool Life DIGITAL PDF with 52 challenges that will organize every area of your homeschool life this year. Value – $10
  • The Organized Homeschool Life DIGITAL PDF planner to help you find time to complete each of the challenges in the book and be more productive and consistent. Value – $20
  • A discount on a future purchase of the PRINT  Organized Homeschool Life book and planners and the spring Organized Homeschool LIVE boot camp. Print materials require a separate purchase. Value – $27
  • The fitness and nutrition challenge. What if you not only got organized this year but met your exercise and weight loss goals too? You’d have all the energy and focus you need to homeschool and care for your family. This bonus session, only available with your boot camp ticket, will give you the biblical wisdom you need to make this dream a reality. Value – $20


The Organized Homeschool Life is a week-by-week guide to homeschool sanity in only 15-minute missions!



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Organized Homeschool Live is a bootcamp for Christian homeschool moms coming January 2020!

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