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Pinterest Challenge- Fun Reading/ Phonics Games

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Our daily “learn to read” time has been growing boring, so I decided to find some games to spruce things up a bit.  Of course, it was easy to go to my Pinterest Learn to Read board to find lots of great ideas.  Here are some that we tried this week!




Very fun for the kids.  Toss a rock and hop to the square.  Say the word there!


Cootie Catcher



I put phonograms on the outside that I want them to memorize by spelling:  augh/ough, tion, eigh, and ould.  So, they would say, “O, U, L, D, ould.”  Then, the words in the inside are ones that use these phonograms (such as could, eight, tough, etc.)


Dice Game

This was for a paid download, so I created some sheets myself using the words found at Jan Brett’s site.


Easy!  They roll the die and say all the words in the column of the number rolled.  I made 6 different sheets.


And some more to try next week:

Parking Lot Game and Stair Phonics


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  2. Awesome ideas! My boys are not yet school age yet, but we have started some preschool homeschool. We think we are being called to send them to public school, but not sure on the timing yet. I love storing up ideas for possible future homeschooling!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Gena, I am loving your wonderful homeschool ideas!

    Hugs, Tanya 🙂

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