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Refresh your Morning Time with The Homeschool Garden


How is your homeschool year going? Is it everything you hoped or are you ready for a little change?

With all the craziness of this year, we can all use a little more delight in our days. One of our family’s favorite ways to add delight and joy into our days is through our daily Morning Time.

If you’d like to try out Morning Time, or refresh what you’re already doing, check out The Homeschool Garden.

Make your Morning Time special with The Homeschool Garden and A Gentle Advent!

Why Morning Time?

  • It starts our day with Truth, goodness, and beauty and sets a better tone for the rest of our day.
  • The Homeschool Garden simplifies planning because all the lessons are already set out in an easy-to-use schedule.
  • It shortens our day by bringing the whole family together to learn.
  • It helps me include all the lovely subjects that I tend to leave out if I have to find the resources and plan them myself.

Check to see if The Homeschool Garden is open to join right now!

Why Use a Membership for Morning Time?

We love The Homeschool Garden membership because there are so many great themes to choose from for history, literature, and science! Geography, copywork, Bible, art, and music are also included. Plus, it makes it possible for the entire family to have the experience together before they head off to do their individual work.

You can visit this page to see the difference between the Monthly and Yearly memberships, but the main difference is that with the Yearly membership you get access to ALL the current and future session of The Homeschool Garden for as long as you are member. The Monthly members get access to 4 sessions at a time and those rotate quarterly. Other than that, the awesome benefits of membership are all the same.

Bonus A Gentle Advent™ – Jesse Tree

Our family has The Homeschool Garden Yearly membership and right now, if you join the Yearly membership there is a super special bonus!

Join The Homeschool Garden Yearly membership from Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020 and receive A Gentle Advent™ – Jesse Tree free! This sets you up for a full year of delightful learning fun and a beautiful Advent journey your whole family can enjoy together.*

We’re really excited to use these Jesse Tree lessons during advent this year! A Gentle Advent includes:

  • Printables
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • and More!

Make your Morning Time special with The Homeschool Garden and A Gentle Advent!

You don’t need a special code or anything like that – upon purchasing The Homeschool Garden Yearly membership you will find A Gentle Advent in your membership area after checkout.

If you’d like to look through a free sample of The Homeschool Garden to try out, you can do that here. It gives you a better idea of how this simplifies your homeschool and helps you add in all the best poetry, art, composer study, reading lists, and so much more!

Make your Morning Time special with The Homeschool Garden and A Gentle Advent!

We hope you’ll join us inside The Homeschool Garden! If you have questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to help out.

*While The Homeschool Garden yearly membership renews each year until cancellation, you will have access to A Gentle Advent™ – Jesse Tree for the life of the Everyday Graces Homeschool Site.

Make your Morning Time special with The Homeschool Garden and A Gentle Advent!

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