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Science & Industry Museum

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On Friday the four kids and I went to the Chicago Science and Industry Museum.  My 10 yo niece went with us also–to help me out with the little ones.  I usually get very nervous driving to (and in) the city, but the Lord has really been helping me to have so much peace lately (including when my baby was hospitalized a couple of nights ago).  Thanks, Lord!



We had a lot of fun at the museum.  There was a new frog exhibit, with some colorful poison dart frogs.  They also had polliwogs, which I’ve never seen before.  We saw real life-size vehicles such as a 727, a huge submarine, a steam engine, old fashioned fire engines, and the kids climbed inside of a tractor and streetcar.  There were also baby chicks hatching.



Today (Sunday) we are all sick with colds.  We did “church at home” this morning.  Hopefully, we’ll all sleep better tonight!

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