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Today’s the Day to Get the T-Tapp Basic Workout!

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Today is Deep Discount Tuesday at T-Tapp and you can get 50% Off the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus – the 15-minute workout that WORKS!

If you’ve never tried T-Tapp, this is the best workout to start with. It includes a full instructional where Teresa explains in detail how to do each move. T-Tapp is all about form–not repetition or using fancy equipment or spending an hour.

In fact, this full workout is only 15 minutes long! Join thousands of others who have gotten in shape, lost weight, and improved their health just by doing this 15 minute workout!

OK, listen: Today’s deal is so good, everyone reading this needs to buy it! Not only do you get the DVD with Basic instructional and full workout, you get 3 bonus DVDs: Basic Tempo (my favorite workout), the Seminar (explains all about T-Tapp), and Barefoot Basic.


Read more about my experience and success with T-Tapp here.

Click here to read more about this special.  (See a star link on the bottom of the page which says “Deep Discount Tuesday.”


(Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.)

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