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Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

We recently received a new subscription box to try out and share our thoughts about. It’s the Unbox Jerusalem box from Genesi Box. Here’s our Genesi Box review!

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post. I also received a complimentary box from Genesi Box in order to effectively and honestly review it.

First of all, the unboxing video of Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box:

Here’s my unboxing video of the Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box.


Now, before you read on, know that this is your SPOILER ALERT!!

All the items in the box are wrapped up and meant to be opened along with the video. If you want it to be a surprise, don’t keep reading!

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What We Loved about the Unbox Jerusalem box from Genesi Box:

It was really fun to go through the video and open the presents that went along with what we were seeing. We learned a lot about the modern city of Jerusalem, saw some sites–both modern and ancient, and saw lots of different types of people.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Opening the items was tons of fun. My son and daughter had no idea what was in most of the packages. Sometimes, they’d try to guess but were surprised most of the time.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

The biggest surprise was getting food! They loved the snacks.

I think my favorite part was seeing the underground Hezekiah tunnel which is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

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How Genesi Box Works:

Inside the box is a link and password to a video. You want the video, and the “Tour Guide” Yoav Biller tells you when to stop and open up a particular package or do an activity on the riddle map.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

This is what the screen looks like when you’re supposed to pause the video and open a package.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

The Souvenirs from Jerusalem:

Most of the items in the box could be considered souvenirs that we might purchase in Jerusalem if we visited. And, yes, they are actually from there!

Ancient oil lamp replica:

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Fun box that held the Lion stickers for the Tribe of Judah/Lion:

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Opening up the Gratitude Pills:

I loved many of the messages we were led to think about, such as being grateful. With the Gratitude Pills Activity, we wrote something that we were thankful about another person. Then, we opened them up and tried to guess who wrote it and who they wrote it about!

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

The most fun item: Israeli Snacks!

We thought it was so fun that the entire package was entirely in Hebrew.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

They were yummy, too!

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Beautiful items from the Market:

Pomegranate Box, Miniature Jerusalem Menorah, Authentic Ceramic Bowl.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

We learned about some of the agriculture of Israel, including olives and olive oil. Here is a traditional organic Olive Oil Soap. I loved seeing in the video how they were cutting and stamping these soaps before they were boxed and shipped to us!

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Here’s my daughter playing the Five Stones game:

The Western Wall:

Another wonderful thing that was featured in the video was the Western Wall. Here is a Red Thread that is supposed to be a good luck charm.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

And, here are some small papers to write our own notes or prayers on to leave at the Western Wall when we visit someday.

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

What We Didn’t Like:

The riddle map activity guide was confusing. The instructions weren’t well written, so doing those activities were very frustrating for both me and the kids. I’m glad the answers were available to scratch off right next to the questions. I would recommend for future boxes that they ask a teacher or homeschool mom to review the guide and do it with her students to test out the questions and instructions so that this part of the box is more enjoyable.

The only other thing I didn’t like was that there are some aspects that conservative Christians won’t like in the video. (I feel the need to mention this since most of my readers are conservative Christians.) Twice the host mentions that Abraham was the first person to believe in one God. As Christians, we know there were many people before Abraham, such as Adam, Eve, and Noah who believed in the one true God. I do feel like the host was respectful to Christians in the video though. For example, he mentioned that Jerusalem is a holy city for Christians, as well as Jews and Muslims, and explains why.

There are a couple of items in the box that focus on good luck, such as a good luck charm or amulet. It’s even mentioned that they are blessed to ward off evil spirits. These were the Red bracelet from the Western Wall and the Authentic Good Luck Hamsa from the market.

Some of the people highlighted in the video are Israeli Youtubers/Influencers. When scrolling through one lady’s Instagram feed on the video, there was a post promoting something that many of my readers wouldn’t like. It wasn’t too obvious and wasn’t talked about in the video by the host in the video, but I do feel the need to mention it here in my review. (Send me an email if you’re interested in more details.)

Our Final Genesi Box Review Thoughts:

All in all, the Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box was an enjoyable and educational activity. We spread it out over a full week, only doing about 15-20 minutes of video and activities a day. My kids love geography and learning about different cultures from around the world. We study about Israel a lot in our Bible studies, but this was a great opportunity to see Israel (specifically Jerusalem) now and the people who live there today.

You can get your own Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box here and use coupon code GENAMAYO to save 5%!

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

Unbox Jerusalem Genesi Box review

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  1. This seems like a great addition to an Ancient history study. Since I don’t believe there is anything else out there like this. I think they may want to consider changing the gratitude pills to a different name. I may be a little off on this but I do not want to encourage kids they need a pill to fix a problem. I know, I am sorry. Just a thought when I first saw that.

    1. I totally understand your point, and I’ll make sure Genesi Box gets your suggestion! I’m going to add a couple more pictures tomorrow so you can see what they’re like, because it was actually a really cute idea/activity. The plastic “pills” open and there is a little slip of paper inside to write what you’re thankful for.

  2. Oh, I never heard of this box before. Looks fun, Gina!! Ahhh, and we love Bisli and Bamba!! We’re thankful we can buy both at Publix here in Florida. In Canada was impossible to find it.

    1. It’s fun! If you contact them, let them know I sent you. ?

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