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We just got back from a short vacation up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  My husband's parents have a lake house there, so it's a nice relaxing time of getting away without having to stay in a hotel.  We had some rain, but there were a few great hours outdoors on the jet ski, playing on the sandy “beach”, boating and having a picnic in the channel and playing out on the front driveway (basketball, bicycles). 


The car ride is about 6 hours, so it also gives my husband and me some wonderful time to talk.  We listened to one of my favorite homeschooling tapes: “How not to teach like the public schools” by Chris Davis.  One thing that he emphasizes is changing our homeschool focus from academics to teaching other things that are even more important.  His priorities are Eternal Time first (all relationship issues, including those with God and with other people, also learning to read in order to read the Bible), Practical Time second (cooking, chores, gardening, playing basketball) and then Academic Time.  The academics can always come later.  If a child needs to learn something and we've taught them how to research in order to learn it, they will.


We had our second meeting of our Homeschool Book Club today.  It's so wonderful meeting with like-minded and encouraging ladies!  We are studying “Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit.”  May the Lord help us reach our goal!

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