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I’m excited to review Christian Kids Explore Creation Science, a new science curriculum for grades 4-8 published by Bright Ideas Press.  I just recently won (yes, I enter giveaways, too!) a copy of Christian Kids Explore Physics.  I’ll be going through that with my oldest 2 boys this year.  It looks wonderful!  When I heard that they had just come out with the new one called “Creation Science,” I jumped at the chance to get a copy and do a review of it.  I am not disappointed!

The book is divided into two basic parts: Discovering Creation Science and Advanced Topics in Creation Science.  As a mom who has always taught all her kids as a group in the subject of science, I was happy to see that I can do that with this book–with the first section.  The kids learn about the big picture of creation, seeds, animal species, dinosaurs, light, the earth, constellations, birds and sea creatures, the flood of Noah, and fossils.  This can be taught to grades K-8th grade.  Then the older kids can continue on with the 2nd half of the book and study the Advanced Topics:  what is evolution, cells, diversity of life, creation science and intelligent design, life on Mars, and evolution philosophy.

What you find in the book:  28 lessons (which take about one week to complete), Review It questions at the end of each lesson, For Further Study questions at the end of each unit (6 units), Hands-On Time activities/experiments at the end of each lesson using simple everyday materials, a glossary, an index, an answer key for all the questions, a wonderful book and resource list, and even coloring pages.  A Resource CD is included in the book as well and contains detailed lesson plans, a supply list for the Hands-On activities, and reproducibles (charts, quizzes, glossary, coloring pages).

I believe this is a very unique science study–not the typical zoology, astronomy, botany, etc, but tying all of it together and studying creation science through the six days of creation.  God is a part of everything in this curriculum, just as He is in Life.  Evolution is not glossed over, but studied in depth.  Our kids need to understand all there is to know about evolution, so they can understand how to refute it.

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(Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of Christian Kids Explore Creation Science so that I could write this honest review.  I am also an affiliate of Bright Ideas Press.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this resource with us! I saw someone else talking about it recently, but didn’t really know anything about it.