Giveaway of iParent.TV Website Subscription

From Gena: The following post is about iParent.TV. It’s an incredible new resource website for parents to help us navigate the overwhelming landscape of technology with our kids. If nothing else, I’ll have somewhere to go to check to see if I can really feel comfortable allowing a particular app my kids ask for. There’s a giveaway below! Watch the video about it here: What is iParent.TV? If your older kids are awake, they’re probably on a smartphone, in {Read More}

How to Set Media Limits for Our Kids

A few days ago a kind reader sent me the following email–just perfect for a blog post! “How does your family organize computer time/accessibility? I am finding it increasingly difficult with many kids of different ages in the same household, and having the appropriate restrictions on the digital “stuff” around the house. We have a family home computer in the kitchen, my oldest has a laptop and a cell phone, one has a Kindle, and two boys have an iTouch. {Read More}

New iPads are out!

Here’s your chance to get an iPad for $100 off!  The new iPads came out today (or at least you can pre-order them today), so Apple is selling the iPad2 for only $399!  I love my iPad2 so much that I’m not even considering getting one of the new ones! I use it every day for reading e-books, email, blogging, social media, and education.  On trips, it’s invaluable for maps, finding restaurants, checking the weather, and keeping the kids entertained {Read More}

Homeschooling Moms With Apps–Christianity

I was recently asked whether I had any great Christian apps.  Unfortunately, this is an area that is underdeveloped, in my opinion.  We need to get some great new apps created for Christians!  Here’s what I do have, though. The Bible by You Version  This is a great free version of many translations of the Bible.  There is a search feature, highlighting, bookmarks, and different Bible reading plans! ESV Bible  If you can’t get ESV downloaded for offline use with {Read More}

Homeschooling Moms With Apps–Math

When I started this series on homeschooling moms with apps 3 weeks ago I had no idea an incredible new website would burst on the scene last week.  It’s called Apps for Homeschooling.  Jennifer shares reviews, codes for free apps, and insider information about sales.  It’s great!  I’ll keep writing these posts to share what we like to use, but for more comprehensive information on great apps for homeschooling, be sure to visit Apps for Homeschooling! This week we’ll talk {Read More}

Homeschooling Moms With Apps–Preschool

It’s time for our next installment of Homeschooling Moms With Apps! This time our focus is on Preschool. (Check out last week’s post on geography.) As you can tell by the picture on my blog header, I have a number of preschoolers. And they all love to use the iPad! (I’m embarrassed to say that even my 14-month-old loves it!) But I want the limited time they use it to be educational, as well as fun for them. Here are {Read More}