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Why & How All High Schoolers Should Get a Fine Arts Credit

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If you’re about to homeschool high school, you are certainly starting to think ahead and make a lot of decisions about what classes your high schooler will take each of the four years. Have you thought about Fine Arts? Does your child need it? Do colleges care to see it on the transcript?

Why All Homeschooled High Schoolers Should Get a Fine Arts Credit (and How to do It!)

Why a Fine Arts Credit?

First of all, let’s define Fine Arts? Narrowly, it includes the classes of art, theater, music, and dance. But, it can be more broadly explored with classes such as digital animation and film editing. Does your child really need a class in Fine Arts? Check with your state or country’s homeschool laws and with the colleges that your student is considering applying to.

I love that the Fine Arts tend to tie together the disciplines of history and culture. Thus, a course in Fine Arts helps your student develop an integrated approach to learning and a worldview maturation.

Another reason to get a Fine Arts credit is that it’s fun and fairly easy! We don’t want our kids to only be taking hard courses during high school. Give them a breath of fresh air with a fun Fine Arts course.

Have a High Schooler who doesn’t like Fine Arts?

If you have a student who doesn’t like Fine Arts, let me recommend a course in 20th-century music appreciation. And it doesn’t matter if your high schooler is musical or not. Students who learn music history will develop a better sense of history in general. Musicians and composers greatly influenced their contemporary societies in all eras. It’s fascinating to see how music and culture influence one another as they press upon the greater societal and historical narrative of each time period.

For example, have you noticed the many references to classical music and composers in books, movies, etc.? Studying music history or music appreciation will also help your high schooler understand the integration of these various art forms.

Online Music Appreciation Courses

If you want some guidance in your fine arts Music Appreciation credit, I have created three self-paced online courses that I know you’ll love. All the decisions are already made for you! The best composers are included, along with an interesting biography and wonderful videos of their music.

What about Students Who Love Fine Arts?

If you have a student who loves Fine Arts and can’t get enough, I have another couple of options for you, Inside the Music in Our Homeschool Plus Music and Fine Arts membership for all ages, there are two courses that might be appealing:

  • The Fine Arts Masterclasses (15 masterclass video sessions in theater, dance, music, and art)
  • The Advanced Music Theory course (a must-take class for any student wanting to go to college as a music major!

Head here to learn more about the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership. Sign up for the waitlist if you happen to catch it when enrollment is closed.

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Why All Homeschooled High Schoolers Should Get a Fine Arts Credit (and How to do It!)

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