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DIY Lego Building and Storage Table

I’m happy to share with you today this neat Lego building and storage table that my husband made.

Lego building and storage table

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A while back my oldest son was complaining about how his younger brothers always had their Legos all over their bedroom floor.  My second son told me he needed a place for his Legos–like “another room.”  Well, that wasn’t going to happen!  But I did find a fun idea for a Lego Table on Pinterest! That was all the inspiration I needed to get started.

Lego storage table

I found a piece of wood in the garage and sent my husband and son to work on it.  They sawed and routered and sanded and primed and spray-painted!  We ordered three LEGO X-Large Gray Baseplates and they used construction glue to attach it to the wood.

I already had the plastic drawers (bought at Target).  We decided not to attach the table top to the drawers.  That proved to be a good move because sometimes they take the board off and move it to a different place in the house.

Here’s another idea: lego storage ikea hack.

More Pictures of the Lego Storage Table

Now, their room stays neater, and the boys have a great place to build their Legos!

Lego storage table

Lego storage table

Lego storage table

Lego storage table

Do you have a great Lego storage idea to share? Please comment below!

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  1. I love this! As I type my son is sorting his LEGO bricks and I have had this very table in mind. I love the way yours turned out — more inspiration for me, so thank you! I love it!

  2. I love this! We are dealing with tons and thousand of Leogs in my sons room! I feel the Legos are everywhere! Thank you for posting, I am going to make this too!

  3. Michele@FamilyFaithandFridays says:

    Love this Gena! Maybe this would help Colby be more organized! 😉

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