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Viking lapbook

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In our history study, we have made it up to the Viking Age. We did a lapbook last week all about Vikings.

Viking Lapbook

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Viking Books and Drawing

We read a lot of books, including the Magic Tree House book Viking Ships at Sunrise and a much more advanced (and more enjoyable!) book called Rolf and the Viking Bow! My sons have also done some neat drawings of Vikings and ships.

I purchased this lapbook from Hands of a Child, but their website is no longer active.

The Cover

I love the cover designed by my seven-year-old son. It says, “No Horns.” We learned that Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets!

Vikings Lapbook cover

Timeline of events, clothing, vocabulary, family life, weapons, sagas, societal classes

Vikings Lapbook

Ships, trade, language, kennings, maps
Vikings Lapbook

My saga (written by my 8 yo son), famous vikings, religion, and burial
Vikings Lapbook

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