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10 Top Crafts With Kids this Summer

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Summer is a time for refreshment and relaxation. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be productive! Need a fun craft to do during a rainy summer day? Here are my top 10 crafts with kids to do this summer!

10 Top Crafts to do with your kids this Summer

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Macramé Keychain Tutorial

Here is a fun craft to make a Macramé Keychain, something that you can use yourself, give as a gift, or even sell.  Furthermore, this project requires only a few supplies, so it is great for any budget.

Macrame Keychain Tutorial

Head here for the Macramé Keychain Tutorial.

Or, download it here:

Sunflower Coasters

The sunflower coaster project is very versatile. Choose any printed napkin to decoupage and you have a useful item to grace any endtable!

Here is the Sunflower Coaster tutorial.

How to make Sunflower Coasters for Ukraine

Make Mushrooms for Your Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are so creative to make and lovely to display in the home! This project will require some items you may not have at home, but it’s a great way to take your fairy garden to the next level.

Head here for instructions on how to make Mushrooms for your Fairy Garden. 

Tutorial: Make Mushrooms for Your Fairy Garden

Salt Painting

Change up the design to a sun, flower, flip-flop, or another great summer icon and do a salt painting of it!

Here are the supplies and instructions for doing a salt painting.

Shamrock Salt Painting Kids Activity for St. Patrick's Day


Just like with the salt painting activity, simply choose a summery design to cut out instead of a Christmas tree to adjust this Marble Painting project for summertime.

Here is the Marble-Painting tutorial.

Marble-Painted Christmas Tree tutorial

Wood Engraving Stamp

To do the wood engraving stamp, you’ll need some specialized tools for wood carving. This activity is more advanced and would be great for teens to keep them off screens for a while!

Or, have Dad quickly create some wood stamps so that younger children (even preschoolers) could enjoy the customized stamps.

Here is the wood-engraving stamp tutorial.

Make Your Own Floam

What’s more fun than playing with floam? Making your own!

Head here to learn how to make floam. 

Make Your Own Floam: DIY craft for kids. It's a Fun Rainy Day Activity!

Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnet

Change up the Scrabble tile Christmas ornament to a magnet, and you have a perfect summer craft. What are some suggestions for the summer saying?

  • Summer vibes
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Let Summer Begin
  • Summer is a state of mind
  • Happiness is cold watermelon
  • Summer vibes only
  • Sunshine on my mind
  • Summertime and the living is easy
  • Love you to the beach and back

Head over to the Scrabble Tile Magnet Tutorial to get started. 

Scrabble Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Color-Changing Bouncy Ball

Another great activity because kids can actually play with it after making it is the color-changing bouncy ball. Make them in a variety of colors!

Here is the Color-Changing Bouncy Ball tutorial.

Color Changing Bouncy Ball Recipe and Tutorial

Duct Tape Costumes

There is no end to the type of costumes you can make with duct tape. And, after you have your costume, put on a play together!

See some duct tape costume ideas here.

Duct Tape Weapons

And, another duct tape costume idea here!

**What other crafts with kids to you enjoy doing? Please share in a comment below!

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