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How to Host an Olympic Games Event

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How to Host an Olympic Games Event

Olympic Games Event

As part of our Ancient History studies with our Tapestry of Grace Fellowship Group this year (homeschool co-op) we held an Olympic Games Event. We had over 20 families participate. I’d like to share with you today how we did it!

We decided to divide everyone up into five teams and have them be the colors of the Olympic Flag (black, yellow, blue, green, and red). By the way, did you know that those 5 colors are a part of the Olympic Flag because at least one of those colors appears in every country’s flag? The teams were evenly divided with the same numbers of each age group on each team. So, each team had kids preschool-aged through adults. The team names were ancient Greek cities: Sparta, Athens, Corinth, Megara, and Argos.

Olympic Games Event Team

Olympic Games Event Team

The teams met together before the evening event to decorate a poster and write a team chant.

Olympic Games event poster

The set-up of our room had the colors on the floor for each team. They all met together there and wore their team color.

She’s practicing her cheer!

Olympic Games Event

Parade of Athletes

We started with a parade of the athletes around the room. The youngest member of each team got to carry the torch. I asked my daughter if she enjoyed carrying the torch, and she said, “What? That was an ice cream cone!” We played Olympic music while they marched around. (Have you picked up my Olympics Music Freebie?)

Olympic Games Event March

Olympic Games Event Torch Olympic Games Event Torch

Olympic Games event- the torch

The Olympic Oath

We all said the Olympic Oath together. Then, each team did their chant for each other.

Olympic Games Event Oath

Games for Competition

We had 5 team games for the competition:

  • Stack the Cups
  • Hula Hoop Slide
  • Javelin Throw
  • Crab Walk
  • Wheelbarrow Race.

Read more details about the games at “Fun Game Ideas for an Olympic Games Event” here.

Stack the Cups game

Slide the Hula Hoop game

Javelin throw game


Crab walk

Score was kept, and each student got a medal.

Here’s another fun game to play: bean bag toss game.

Olympic Games Event scoreboard

Food and Costumes

We ended the evening with some yummy food!

Most of the kids wore athletic clothes with their team color, but some decided to dress in Ancient Greek costumes!

Olympic Games Event costumes

As you prepare for this summer’s Olympic games, I hope you’ll consider doing a fun Olympic Games Event with your kids. It can be informal and easy right in your backyard!

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